RMA Presents at the 2022 California Water & Environmental Modeling Forum Annual Meeting

April 4-6, 2022 — Folsom, CA

Design of the CVP Water Temperature Modeling Platform
Presented by: John DeGeorge (RMA)

Using Machine Learning to Predict Recovery Strategies for Delta Levee Failure Events
Presented by: Laurence Sanati (DWR) and Ryan Ripken (RMA)
Supporting Authors: John DeGeorge (RMA), Steve Andrews (RMA)

Protocols for Water and Environmental Modeling
Presented by: Rich Satkowski (CWEMF Member) and John DeGeorge (RMA)
Supporting Authors: Jamie Anderson (DWR), Will Anderson(CCWD), Mike Deas (Watercourse Engineering), Ben Geske (Delta Stewardship Council), Tariq Kadir (DWR), Josué Medellín-Azuara (UC Merced), George Nichol (SWRCB, ret.), Nicky Sandhu (DWR), Tad Slawecki (LimnoTech), Ali Taghavi (Woodard & Curran), Chuching Wang (MWD), Sujoy Roy, (Tetra Tech), Paul Hutton (Tetra Tech), Katherine Heidel (Tetra Tech), John Rath (Tetra Tech), and Arushi Sinha (Tetra Tech)

Hydrodynamic, Water Quality, and Ecological Impacts of Levee Breaches in Suisun Marsh
Presented by: Scott Burdick (RMA)
Supporting Authors: John Takekawa (Suisun Resources Conservation District), Richelle Tanner (Chapman U.)

Transport Pathways and Processes in the Northern Delta
Presented by: Steve Andrews (RMA)
Supporting Authors: Paul Stumpner (USGS), Jon Burau (USGS)

Conference website: 2022 CWEMF Annual Meeting