Marianne Guerin advances from convener to past-convener of the California Water and Environment Modeling Forum

Marianne Guerin of RMA has completed her two-year tenure as Convener of the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum. As Convener, Marianne worked at re-invigorating CWEMF after a slide in participation during the Great Recession of 2008. By sponsoring half-day “Hot Topics” seminars that presented a factual review of controversial topics, CWEMF regained footing as an impartial forum for educating the modeling community. Now as Past-Convener, she provides mentoring to the new Convener, Ben Bray with EBMUD. Thanks Marianne for your hard work for CWEMF!

RMA presentations at the 2013 annual meeting of the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum

Evaluating Productivity Potential for Prospect Island Restoration Alternatives Using Particle Tracking Methods
Presented by: Stephen Andrews
Supporting Authors: Richard Rachiele, John DeGeorge

A New Regression Relationship of X2 with Delta Outflow
Presented by: Ed Gross
Supporting Authors: Gerard Katefian

How Good Is My Model? Assessing Model Skill in a Regulatory Environment
Presented by: Marianne Guerin