RMA Presents at 2016 Bay-Delta Science Conference

November 15-17, 2016 — Sacramento, CA

Evaluating Potential Swimming Behaviors of Adult Delta Smelt by Application of a Particle Tracking Model with Alternative Behavior Rules
Presented by: Ed Gross

Examining Hypothesized Delta Smelt Environmental Cues and Swimming Behaviors using an Agent-Based Model
Presented by: Ben Saenz

A Tale of Two Deltas: A Comparison of Transport Processes in the Historical and Contemporary Delta
Presented by: Jon Burau (USGS)
Supporting Author: John DeGeorge (RMA)

A New Dimension to Historical Ecology: Insights from a 3D Hydrodynamic Model of the Pre-Development Estuary
Presented by: Sam Safran (SFEI)
Supporting Author: Steve Andrews (RMA)

Effects of the Emergency Drought Barrier on the Transport of Zooplankton to Delta Smelt Habitat
Presented by: Wim Kimmerer (SFSU)
Supporting Authors: Ed Gross (RMA), Steve Andrews (RMA)

Conference website: 9th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference