RMA Presents at the 2018 Bay-Delta Science Conference

September 10-12, 2018 — Sacramento, CA

Anticipating and Communicating Regional Effects of Reconfiguration of Delta Geometry
Presented by: John DeGeorge
Supporting Authors: Steve Andrews, Stacie Grinbergs, Richard Rachiele

Modeling Water Age in the Upper San Francisco Estuary
Presented by: Steve Andrews
Supporting Authors: Ed Gross, Scott Burdick, Bryan Downing (USGS), Brian Bergamaschi (USGS)

Estimation of Adult Delta Smelt Distribution for Hypothesized Swimming Behaviors Using Hydrodynamic, Suspended Sediment, and Particle-Tracking Models
Presented by: Ed Gross
Supporting Author: Ben Saenz, Richard Rachiele, Josh Korman (Ecometric Research), Pete Smith (USGS retired), Lenny Grimaldo (ICF), Michaeal MacWilliams (AnchorQEA), Aaron Bever (AnchoreQEA)

Conference website: 10th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference