RMA Presents at 2016 CWEMF Annual Meeting

April 11-13, 2016 — Folsom, CA

Synthesizing Data, Isotope Analyses and DSM2 Nutrient Model Output to Characterize Nutrient Transformations in the Delta
Presented by: Marianne Guerin
Supporting Authors: C. Kendall, S. Peek, and M. Young (USGS); E. Novick, R. Holleman, T. Jabusch, J. Sun, P. Trowbridge, and D. Senn (SFEI)

Delta Emergency Response Tool: Development and Operational Forecasting
Presented by: Jeremy Hill (DWR)
Supporting Authors: John DeGeorge (RMA) and Shankar Parvathinathan (MBK Engineers)

Recommendations for a Modeling Framework to Answer Nutrient Management Questions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Presented by: Mike Deas (Watercourse Engineering)
Supporting Authors: P.R. Trowbridge, E. Ateljevich, E. Danner, J. Domagalski, C. Enright, W. Fleenor, C. Foe, M. Guerin (RMA), D. Senn, and L. Thompson

Conference website: CWEMF Annual Meeting 2016